Flight Logs ……..

In November 2016 I was talking to a fellow work colleague about aircraft and photography.  This then lead onto him mentioning that he had his father’s Flight Logs from World War Two.  Well what an opportunity and a privilege  – I was given a box full of documents, photographs and two flight logs.

I have digitised all the flight logs and photographs and with research via the internet have put together my view of the Flying record of Fl/Lt 111109 Henry A Cowing.  I have supplemented the information from the logs by looking at the bases mentioned and finding stories from fellow airmen who have gone through similar training.

The period covered is from 1.3.1940 to 22.7.1946 from initial flight training in the United Kingdom, Flight Instructor in Canada, returning to the United Kingdom, then convertion to Multi Engine aircraft leading up to Operational Flights in a Lancaster over Europe in 1945.